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Digital Experience Index (DXI), a measure of UX.

Category DXI (Visual, KPI, Behavior Transactional UX measures)

Prospects (Number of potential customers identified by ML)

Source (Identifies from where visitors come to your site)

Best Seller Products - E-Commerce

Revenue (Only for EC clients)

Customers (# of visitors who purchased on site)

Visitors (# of all people who visited the site including those who did not buy)

Conversion (# of buyers/# of visitors)

Goal based Conversion (# of visitors who did the goal/# of visitors)

Target DXI (Target UX measure to get higher conversions)

Target Conversion (Higher conversion rate, generally 1.25 or 1.33 X current conversion)

6 Months Time Series Comparison Chart of - DXI, Visitors, Conversion

6 Months Time Series Comparison Chart of - Categorical DXI, DXI

Source ( KeyWeb Data)

DXI Histogram (Chart showing UX values of all visitors on site)


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Standard Suggestions Based on Top Features selected by ML.

Customer Traction(Key Web Data)

Customer Segmentation (Segments customers into Good, Bad and Loosing)

Visitor Segmentation (Segments Visitors into Good, Bad and Losing)

Top 5 Features Based on High DXI values (Customers + Visitors)
Top 5 Features Based on High DXI values (Customers)
Top 5 Features Based on Low DXI values (Customers + Visitors)

Transactions Bar Chart

Top Predicted Features based on NLP Recommendations using Top products data from GA

Heatmap (Shows which part of the page most visitors focused on)

Top Features Based on DXI Top Features.

Good Cluster For Prospective Users: 6 Pie Charts


Call For Pricing


Manual Suggestions as determined by a Live UX Expert

Market Basket Analysis (Shows a basket of best products which can be sold together)

Word Cloud (NLP Analysis of Social Media Data into maximum used word lists)

Sentimental Analysis of Social Media Data: Piechart of good and bad words

Cookie lists

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