The challenge

The Challenge

The Georgia Aquarium came to Keydbara wanting to learn more about their website visitor engagement patterns in order to increase ticket sales.

Using only data captured by Google Analytics, Keydabra’s proprietary algorithm generated a probability-of-conversion (ticket purchase) for each customer, as well as an engagement score for all website visitors. Four different Keydabra modules using a total of 25 machine learning algorithms were used to identify hidden behavior patterns of the website visitors.

Ideal customer

Finding the Ideal Customer

Keydabra identified the demographic factors that had the highest potential to convert to ticket sales. For the Georgia Aquarium’s specific goals, that meant females in Atlanta, aged 18-34 who utilized Google to get to the Aquarium’s webpage. Keydabra also isolated four factors that played a key role in higher customer engagement: visitor loyalty, faster page load, use of the page search function, and search exit rate.

These factors allowed the Georgia Aquarium to better design their site and target their customers to increase their engagement score and ultimately allow for both a higher conversion rate and increased ROMI.


Recommendations for continued improvement

Beyond identifying who to target, Keydabra was also able to interpret the data to make suggestions to improve their overall customer experience. Recommendations included visual improvements to the website, suggestions for easier navigation, identifying keywords that were critical to higher engagement rates, and testing the location of links to ensure it was easily found by most customers.

Keydabra also isolated data showing that the Georgia Aquarium ran the risk of losing 61% of their current customers who were in “hibernating mode.” It was recommended that these customers be retained or reactivated through targeted email campaigns.

“Our ability to visualize how guest behavior is affected using the platform has been instrumental. We know that each percentage point we can improve our conversion rate translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


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