We want to help you put your data to work.

It’s our goal to help you get the most out of the data. Keydabra’s digital intelligence platform is designed to better utilize your data to help you strengthen your customer experience. We’re taking away the guesswork so you can enhance user experience, boost conversions, and make decisions that improve the overall performance of your site.

About Keydabra

Innovating the way we interpret information.

Keydabra was built around the idea of making AI accessible to everyone. Our complex machine and deep-learning algorithms were designed and developed to help you discover the answers that are hidden in the data that your site is already generating. That’s why the intelligent design of our proprietary software not only measures, tracks, and benchmarks hundreds of variables and millions of data points on your site, but it interprets it all for you, giving you real, actionable solutions.

And because AI — in our opinion — is for all, our tools have been developed not just to be priced for all, but to be understood by all.

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