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Keydabra Digital is the powerful new way to enhance your digital footprint. Our unique AI tools measure experiences and convert millions of data points into insightful and actionable solutions. It’s the most effective way to understand your customer’s experience, boost engagement and increase conversion on your site.

Site analysis tools

Site Analysis

Keydabra Digital measures, tracks, and benchmarks the hundreds of variables that determine the level of engagement of every visitor on your site.

Engagement score metric

Engagement Score

The acquired data for each individual user — and the site as a whole — is simplified into a single score. This information is used to analyze and compare visitor engagement and behavior.

Opportunities for improvement

Opportunities for improvement

Using proprietary formulas and machine learning algorithms, the scores are analyzed to provide proactive insights and solutions for your business’ desired outcomes.

Featured Case Study


By uncovering ecommerce website visitor engagement patterns, Keydabra helped Asics discover how they could drive higher levels of engagement to increase online conversions.

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